Alcohol Bouquets

Here we are with fantastic opportunity  for anyone who  finds it hard to make gift  for  their friend or girlfriend, at Boozeville we are now offering  alcohol gift basket. A perfect gift for any ones birthday. The Booze Bouquets at Boozeville offers personalized  gift basket which include a wide range of whisky, scotch, vodka, rum, gin, liquor and more. Just choose your spirit bottles and we will  pack it up in a solemn package with any wishes you like to include. Booze Bouquets not only alcohol. Its can include  sweets, crisps, or any other  snacks! We are offering wide range of alcohol bouquets for different range prices, however depending on customers requirements the extra costs can be included. Make sure you order  your bouquets  at least day before the pick up!

Siberian Frost £40
Lager Bomb £45
Classic Whiskey £60
Booze Driver £34
Tequila Run £55
Mans Weakness £80